Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts Senate Republicans for becoming like “an Air Force Dive-Bombing House GOP and Conservatives” in Government Shutdown Battle – Video 10/16/13

Here is video of Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee on “Hannity” last night where they reacted to passage of the Senate Deal hat reopened the U.S. Government and raised the Debt Limit – without any real changes to ObamaCare. They both praised the House Republicans for standing united for so long in trying to stop ObamaCare for the good of the country.

But Cruz very straighforwardly said their effort could not succeed with Senate Republicans willing to go along with Democrats in “selling the American people down the river.” He Said Senate Republicans should have been willing to stand united and been like the “Cavalry” coming to the aid of the House GOP, but instead, “Senate Republicans were divided and became basically an Air Force dive-bombing the House Republicans and Conservatives, and once that happened, there was no way to hold the line and actually achieve meaningful relief from all the harms coming from ObamaCare.”

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