Liberal Ezra Klein on MSNBC Clearly Describes the Unfolding ObamaCare Disaster – Video 10/18/13

Here is liberal journalist / analyst Ezra Klein summing up the disaster ObamaCare is becoming about as well as it can be said – at least the technical side of the disaster. Klein explains well that the “back end” problems of ObamaCare may be the most serious problems of all. If people actually enroll and their information continues to not be correctly recorded and transferred – it will be “a betrayal of faith.”

  • barry soetoro

    When Obamatollah rolls out Ezra Klein to blame ‘technical difficulties,’ you know Obamacare polls are bad.

  • Brian_FL

    That’s right, barry. You only get one shot at a first impression. ObamaCare is clearly tagged as a disaster in the minds of a growing number of Americans.

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