Six Democratic Senators Now Support Delay of ObamaCare Individual Mandate; Dr. Ben Carson Says ObamaCare “Not about Patients and Doctors. It’s about the Government” – Video 10/23/13

Here is Dr. Benjamin Carson on with Greta Van Susteren last night to talk about the ObamaCare debacle unfolding. Carson said he was glad to hear six Democrat Senators (Shaheen, Pryor, Begich, Landrieu, Nelson, Manchin) are now supporting a delay of ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate. He said people need to put their pride and egos aside and do what’s best for the country to truly solve the Health Care problems. Carson called for returning Health Care to patients and Health Care Providers, rather than being focused on the Government and Insurance Companies.

  • Let them craft, draft, propose, and sell any delay legislation for the ACA.
    —Cruz inspired irony on display—

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