Report: On Eve of Deadline, ObamaCare Website Still “Locks Up” When People Try to Buy Insurance! – Video Report 11/30/13

Walmart Reports Most Successful “Black Friday” Sales in Store’s History; Sold Two Million HDTV’s and 1.4 Million Tablets “on the First Night” – Video Report 11/30/13

First Lady Michelle Obama, and Daughters, Greet Arrival of the White House Christmas Tree – Video 11/30/13

Krauthammer on Disastrous Impact of ObamaCare’s Massive Medicaid Expansion: “No, It Cannot Work as Constructed” – Video 11/29/13

New Ad Series from Private Insurer Mocks ObamaCare: “It’s a Good thing there’s More than One Place to Buy Health Insurance” – Videos 11/29/13


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 11/30/13

Krauthammer Thankful for “Barack Obama”: Like Richard Nixon, “The Gift that Keeps on Giving” – Video 11/28/13

Mike Tyson on ObamaCare: “It’s Really Bad. . . I was for it 100%, but We have to come to the Reality It Didn’t Work” – Video 11/28/13

“Black Friday” Madness Underway; Police Shoot at Man Trying to Rob a Kohl’s in Chicago Area – Video Report 11/29/13

Report: Italian Mafia Boss Fed Alive to Pigs; Phone Call of Rival Intercepted as He Boasted of Hearing the Man’s Screams – Video Report 11/29/13

Krauthammer on the Possible Demise of ObamaCare: “The Beauty of the GOP Position Today is that the Death of ObamaCare, if and when it comes, Will be Delivered by Democrats” – Video 11/28/13

Kanye on Why Obama’s Presidency is a Failure: “Black People Don’t have the same Level of Connections as Jewish People. . . Oil People” – Video 11/26/13


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 11/29/13


Report: Obama Asks Netanyahu to take a “Breather” from Criticizing Appeasement Deal with Iran – 11/28/13

Texas Boy with Cancer Loses Insurance During Changes brought on by ObamaCare – Video Report

President Ronald Reagan’s 1985 Thanksgiving Address: “As Americans We have many Things for Which to be Thankful, None is more Important than our Liberty” – Video 1985

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