CNN’s Jim Acosta Reports “Depressingly Low” ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers for D.C.: Five People – Video 11/8/13

It’s becoming clear, people simply don’t want ObamaCare. In one of the most liberal places in the United States, Washington D.C., new numbers have emerged of just how many people there have enrolled in ObamaCare in over one month. The total so far: 5. That’s right – FIVE!. CNN’s Jim Acosta called the number, “Depressingly Low.” Anderson Cooper called it “stunning.

  • Bradg70

    It is not depressing. It is wonderful! CNN should stop giving the perspective of the White House as if it is reflective of America. The White House in opposed to American fundamental principles. So when it is depressing for the WH, it is usually wonderful for the American people. When Obama caught himself saying he was “burned” by the website he tried to quickly transmit his feelings to the American people. No Obama, we want the whole law to go away, we are being burned by your horrendous law as we predicted. So when you feel some heat, it takes it off of us thankfully.

  • Brian_FL

    Yes, Brad. It is almost comical the way the liberal media acts as if this is their policy and they are part of the Obama Administration! Of course – they essentially have been the “Ministry of Propaganda” that helped get Obama elected, and re-elected.

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