NBC News’ Chuck Todd Questions Obama’s Lack of Transparency; Compares Behavior with Media to Russia’s Vladimir Putin – Video 11/21/13

Even the media that made Obama President in 2008, and helped him get re-elected in 2012, are getting tired of his heavy-handed approach.

This is NBC News’ Chuck Todd questioning why the Obama White House limits access for Obama to be photographed by anyone other than Obama’s Personal Photographer. Todd questioned Obama’s lack of transparency, and said if Vladimir Putin was doing the same thing, they would mock them for not respecting press freedom.

  • dagot

    But, Chuck, this is the guy you’ve idolized, lionized, covered up for, inflated, protected and marketed! How can you turn on him now? You’re all so smart and so way ahead of us poor slobs who figured this guy for a phony the first time he ran in 2008. One might think you’re all simply opportunists who are always much more interested in the big story and your personal political agenda rather than what’s good for the country. Sit tight, Chuck. Hillary is on the way. You’ll REALLY love her!

  • Brian_FL

    Lol! That’s exactly right. I’m sure they will be the same way with Hillary.

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