Chris Matthews Attacks GOP as Wanting to Harm the Country to Oppose Obama – Video 12/6/13

Oh my. When you thought Chris Matthews could not go more off the rails, he does!

Here he is today blathering on about how profound Al Sharpton was in saying Republicans don’t love their country because they oppose Barack Obama and his radical Left agenda! That’s not precisely what he said – but that’s what they meant! They manage to work that attack in on Republicans and the Right as part of their discussion of South Africa and the passing of Nelson Mandela. Unlike the Apartheid leader there who made way for Mandela after Mandela was elected by the people, Sharpton and Matthews say Republicans were unwilling to yield to Barack Obama’s agenda! Imagine making that kind of a comparison! One huge difference of course. Mandela’s rise to office expanded freedom, while Obama is all about expanding Government and Government control – which reduces the freedom of all Americans.

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