Megyn Kelly Panel Discusses A & E Suspending “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson; “Word Police” Run Amok – Video 12/18/13

Here is a panel discussing with Megyn Kelly last night the decison by A & E Network to suspend indefinitely “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson for comments he made about homosexuality in an interview he did for GQ Magazine.

As they discussed it, two of the three panelists said that this is an example of “word police” run amok. Robertson did not make these comments on the show, but stated his own personal beliefs based on his deeply held understanding of the Bible. It is outrageous that he has been suspended for something he said based on his own religious beliefs. This is a perfect example of the absolute intolerance of the Left for views that run contrary to their own agenda. Essentially, the Left is saying you can have your private religious beliefs, but in America now, you cannot say what you believe. That is NOT what the First Amendment is all about.

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