Iran Openly Brags it is Set to Increase its Enrichment of Uranium; Liberal Dem Sen. Bob Menendez Warns it’s Not for Peaceful Purposes – Video Report 12/27/13

When liberal Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez is warning that Iran is increasing their drive for Nuclear Weapons – you know you have a problem.

That is exactly what Menendez is doing, as Chairman of the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. He is reacting to Iranian Officials now bragging that they are working on a whole new generation of equipment to enrich uranium – which Menendez says is a clear signal they are not intending to use Nuclear Power for peaceful, domestic purposes.

Barack Obama and John Kerry have foolishly enabled Iran to not only continue their push for Nuclear Weapons, but to openly increase their efforts. Their appeasement of Iran by agreeing to pull back sanctions to get a “deal” was taken as a sign of weakness, and a green light for full steam ahead on Nuclear Weapons.

Thanks to Obama’s radical Leftist ideology, we are on the brink of a full-scale Nuclear Arms race in the Middle East.

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