Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Terror Attacks in Russia by “Chechen and Dagestani” Islamic Radicals bent on Embarrasing Putin; Winter Olympics to be Most “Totalitarian since Hitler’s Olympics” in 1936 – Video 12/30/13

Here is video of Lt. Col. Ralph Peters today saying “the worst is yet to come” in Russia with possible terrorist attacks by Chechen and Dagestani Islamic Radicals, who want to hit back hard at Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. Peters believes attempted attacks on the Olympic venues are likely, but will be difficult to do so because of the Russian Security blanket. But he expects more attempts to hit key transportation hubs in order to strike fear in Foreign Travelers and in Russians about attending the Games.

The result of the threats, Peters says, will make these the most militarized Olympic Games – “the most Totalitarian since Berlin in 1936 – Hitler’s Olympics.”

  • ricoSacto

    gotta laugh or you’re gonna cry…..boycott the olympics…IMHO

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