Sen. Tom Coburn Sums Up 2013 in Outstanding Op-Ed: “The Rule of Law gave way to the Rule of Rulers” – 12/30/13

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK)

Here is a simply outstanding Op-Ed by GOP Sen. Tom Coburn in the Wall Street Journal.

Coburn says 2013 may be one of the worst years in the history of our country because of the way the rule of law was thrown out the window by Barack Obama and the Democrats. He sums things up with a view to the the big picture implications for our nation.


The past year may go down not only as the least productive ever in Washington but as one of the worst for the republic.

In both the executive branch and Congress, Americans witnessed an unwinding of the country’s founding principles and of their government’s most basic responsibilities. The rule of law gave way to the rule of rulers. And the rule of reality—in which politicians are entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts, as Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan liked to say—gave way to some politicians’ belief that they were entitled to both their own opinions and their own facts. It’s no wonder the institutions of government barely function.

On health care, President Obama oversaw a disastrous and, sadly, dishonest launch of his signature achievement. The president gave an exception to employers, but not to individuals, without any legal basis, and made other adjustments according to his whim. Even more troubling was his message over the past three years that if you like your plan, you can keep it, and that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. We now know that the administration was aware that these claims were false, yet Mr. Obama continued to make them, repeatedly.

In 2014, millions of Americans will likely discover that the president’s claim that the average family will save $2,500 on health insurance was equally disconnected from reality. . . . Read More


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