Kentucky Woman Asks Obama what He’s Doing to Help People Who have lost their Health Plan because of ObamaCare – Video 1/31/14

Krauthammer: Reports Christie did Know about Lane Closures Means Nothing Unless He Ordered it or Knew the Intent – Video 1/31/14

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Tells Jon Stewart the ObamaCare Debacle is “Not My Responsibility” – Video 1/30/14

CNN’s Jake Tapper Asks Obama what Happened to His “Slowing the Rise of the Oceans” and Healing the World Expectations – Video 1/31/14

David Gregory: Democrat Incumbents can Try to Run Away from Obama, “But they can’t Hide” – Video 1/31/14

Ambassador John Bolton: “Thoroughly Silly” for Andrea Mitchell to Say Iran was a U.S. Ally until Bush’s “Axis of Evil” Speech – Video 1/30/14


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 1/31/14

MSNBC President Issues Apology after Firestorm over Company Tweet Saying Conservatives would Hate Cheerios Super Bowl Biracial Family Ad – Video 1/30/14

Krauthammer: If a Republican President Did the Things Obama has Done, He would face Impeachment – Video 1/30/14

Video Captures Hard-Working Americans in PA Learning the Devastating Impact of ObamaCare on their Health Coverage – Video 1/29/14

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan makes it Clear House GOP Leaders Ready to Support Legal Probationary Status for (Illegals) “Undocumented Immigrants” – Video 1/29/14

Hilarious! Democrat Sen. Mark Udall Four Times Refuses to Say Whether He wants Barack Obama to Campaign for Him; Laughing about it by the End! – Video 1/28/14

New RNC Ad Highlights Obama’s “Same Old Story” State of the Union Statements – Video 1/29/14

Mark Levin Interviews Dr. Paul Kengor on “Who Exactly is Barack Obama?” Details Obama’s Mentor, Communist Frank Marshall Davis – Audio 1/28/14


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 1/30/14

RNC Chair Reince Priebus Calls Obama’s State of the Union Address a “Nothing Burger” – Video 1/29/14

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