Bill Clinton Swears-in Far Left Bill de Blasio as Mayor of New York City; Embraces de Blasio’s Society of Dependence – Video 1/1/14

Here is video of former President Bill Clinton today swearing in far-Left Bill de Blasio as the new Mayor of New York City.

It was interesting that before the swearing-in, Clinton went out of his way to endorse de Blasio’s “Progressive” core ideals. Pretty obvious Clinton was trying to help Hillary with the far Left of the Democratic Party ahead of her likely 2016 run for the Democrat Nomination for President.

Notice how Clinton said we are all “inter-dependent” and the only thing to really work out is the “terms of our dependence.”

So much for a nation founded on the “Declaration of IN-dependence! The Democrats want to keep building a society of dependence, which requires an ever larger, more intrusive, more controlling Government. That requires more taxes and less freedom. If voters keep electing Democrats, that’s what Americans have to look forward to.

It will be interesting to see what a mess de Blasio will make of New York City over the next several years.

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