Matt Lauer: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s Admission they Opposed Surge Strategy in Iraq War for “Purely Political Reasons” Will “Dismay” many Americans – Video 1/8/14

It was obvious what they were doing to anyone who had eyes to see.

Here is Matt Lauer telling David Axelrod that former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ book, “Duty,” reveals that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton admitted to each other, and in front of him, that they opposed the Surge Strategy in Iraq for “purely political reasons” – not because they thought it was the wrong military strategy. Democrats fought tooth and nail against the Surge Strategy – which was a spectacular success and won the War in Iraq. But at the time it was being debated, they both opposed it. Hillary Clinton told Obama she opposed it to keep him from outflanking her with the far-Left of the Democratic Party during the 2008 Presidential Nomination Campaign. Obama reportedly then admitted he opposed the Surge for the same political reasons.

This is no surprise to Conservatives. We knew the Democrats were opposing the Surge to hurt George W. Bush and Republicans. It was not a matter of what was best for our Troops, or for the country. The liberal media is just now figuring that out – or admitting to it.

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