Robert Gates Destroys Harry Reid: His “This War is Lost” Statement was “One of the most Disgraceful things I’d Heard a Politician Say” – Video 1/15/14


Robert Gates on “Morning Joe” today just destroying Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for his statement during the Iraq Surge that “this war is lost.” Gates said that was “one of the most disgraceful things I’d heard a politician say” while American Troops were putting their lives on the line. And it was not true!

But the truth is that Reid was not the only one who used the Iraq War for political purposes. The Democrats took power in 2006 by running against the Iraq War. Barack Obama rose to power by opposing the Iraq War, and he opposed the Iraq Surge, which was a spectacular success. Our country is experiencing the disaster of the Obama Presidency largely because they made these kinds of statements about the Iraq War for political gain. We should not be surprised at the disastrous policies of people with so little character or integrity.

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