CNN’s Dana Bash Reports a Source close to Gov. Mike Huckabee Says He Will Decide on 2016 Presidential Run “Sometime After Midterm Elections” – Video 1/24/14

Here is CNN’s Dana Bash reporting that a source close to Gov. Mike Huckabee says he will decide on whether to run for President in 2016 “sometime after the Midterm Elections” later this year.

  • dagot

    Not once our corrupt media gets finished with him. He’ll be lucky to keep his gig on Fox.

  • Brian_FL

    They’ll try, but if Huckabee decides to run, he’s pretty good in debates. He’ll give as good as he gets.

  • tedcohen

    Bash’s work shows she has no clue on political prognosticating.


  • Brian_FL

    It will be interesting to see what Huckabee decides to do. It seemed Bash thinks there’s a good chance he will run.

  • tedcohen

    Fair point Brian.

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