Flashback: Mitt Romney was Right about Russia and Putin, and Barack Obama was Wrong – Video 10/22/2012

New NRSC Ad Slams Harry Reid for Calling Victims of ObamCare “Liars” – Video 2/28/14

Obama Just 33 Minutes After Speaking on Russian “Military Movements” in Ukraine: It’s “Happy Hour with the Democratic Party” – Video 2/28/14

Uh-Oh! In 2008, Sarah Palin Warned an Obama Presidency would Embolden Putin to Invade Ukraine – Video 2008

President Obama Speaks Briefly on Russian “Military Movements” in Ukraine; Warns Russia there “Will be Costs” for Military Intervention – Video 2/28/14

Ousted Ukrainian President Yanukovych Appears before Media in Russia; Breaks Pen in Two in Show of Anger – Video 2/28/14

Report: Russian Troops Roll into “Crimea” Region of Ukraine; “2,000 Russian Troops” Landed Near Regional Capital – Raw Video 2/28/14

CNBC’s Joe Kernen Questions Wisdom of Policies that Harm People in Pursuit of “Climate Change” Ideology – Video 2/28/14

Sen. Ted Cruz Delivers Rousing Speech on 5th Anniversary of the “Tea Party Movement: “God Bless the Tea Party!” – Complete Video 2/27/14

Ukraine Interior Minister: Russian Forces have Seized Ukrainian Airports in Crimea; Calls it “an Armed Invasion” – Raw Video 2/28/14


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 2/28/14

Bill O’Reilly Challenges Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett on Obama’s Devastating Military Cuts – Video 2/27/14

Bill O’Reilly Interviews Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett – Complete Video 2/27/14

Report: Vice-President Joe Biden wants to Run for President in 2016; Believes He is More “Qualified” than Hillary Clinton – Video Report 2/27/14

Obama Tells His Grassroots Operatives, “You Are Doing God’s Work” – Video 2/26/14

Sen. Mitch McConnell: Harry Reid’s Attack on Americans Harmed by ObamaCare is “Unacceptable” and “Astonishing Behavior” – Video 2/26/14

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