Democrat Claire McCaskill on whether She would want Obama to Campaign for Her: “Probably Not” – Video 2/11/14

Well, you have to give Claire McCaskill credit for honesty here! She just comes out and says “probably not,” to whether she would invite Barack Obama to campaign with her if she were running for re-election this year. She admitted Obama’s numbers “are not very strong in my state.”

Via Right Pundit

  • Bradg70

    Claire McCaskill you are still part of the problem whether you have Obama with you are not. The only 2 things you mentioned are dead wrong. The Republicans did not shut down the government. The intransigent Senate lead by Harry Reid would not compromise with the House on anything no matter how many bills they put forward. Secondly. the Republicans are in no way marginalizing hard working people that want to come to the country and be part of the American dream. You are making things up. Like you said, you have cronies that can “go on offense” and “talk” about these things endlessly even though they are not true. What does that say about what you think of those you represent? That you have no respect for them. If you did you would not hide the truth from them but debate open and honestly about the issues.

  • Brian_FL

    Claire McCaskill is an Obama shill, one of his first supporters against Hillary Clinton. Yet, she runs away from him now. She never should have won re-election in 2012.

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