CNN’s Dana Bash Interviews Sen. Ted Cruz; Tells Him, “You are a Human Being” – Video 2/20/14

Here is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz being interviewed by CNN’s Dana Bash. Cruz slammed Republican Leaders in the Senate for what he called a “show-vote” over raising the debt-ceiling and giving Barack Obama a blank check to spend whatever he wants.

Bash asked Ted Cruz if he wants to win, or have “party purity” more. Cruz said he wants “to win and turn the country around, and the way you lose is by not standing for anything.”

Oh, by the way – Dana Bash admitted to Cruz, “You are a human being.”

  • Bradg70

    George Washington was a human being.
    Abraham Lincoln was a human being.
    Ben Franklin was a human being.
    Ronald Reagan was a human being.
    Margaret Thatcher was a human being.
    John Paul II was a human being.
    Mother Teresa was a human being.
    Martin Luther King Jr. was a human being.

    I guess we need more human beings.

  • Couranto

    What media bias?

  • Brian_FL


  • Brian_FL


    You can’t make this stuff up!

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