Sen. Marco Rubio Unleased! Delivers Stirring Speech on Senate Floor Refuting Democrat Tom Harkin’s Cuban “Paradise” – Video 2/24/14

This is Sen. Marco Rubio at his best!

Here he is speaking on the Senate Floor this week where he made an impassioned speech on the horrors of the Communist regime in Cuba. It was prompted by Democrat Sen. Tom Harkin praising Cuba and how wonderful things are there now. Rubio painted the true picture of life under the Castro regime. But he did not stop with what is happening in Cuba. Rubio powerfully demonstrated that Cuba is not only repressing its own people, but exporting that repression to Venezuela.

This is the Marco Rubio America needs. I have to say, I’ve never seen Rubio better. He sounds supremely Presidential speaking about liberty and freedom with real conviction and emotion. I hope he continues to speak like this!

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