Krauthammer: If GOP Wins the Senate in 2014, “They Will have to Pick through the Wreckage” of ObamaCare – Video 3/31/14

Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel Warns North Korea: “The North Koreans have to Stop these Provocative Actions” – Video 3/31/14

North and South Korea Exchange Artillery Fire – Video Report 3/31/14

GOP Sen. John Barrasso Explains that the Obama Admin is “Cooking the Books” on ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers – Video 3/31/14

David Gergen Pans Obama’s Supposed Isolation of Russia: Kerry Just went to Negotiate with the Russians – “That’s some Diplomatic Isolation” – Video 3/31/14

CNN’s John King: ObamaCare Website having “Maintenance Issues” on Original Deadline Day for Signup – Video 3/31/14


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 3/31/14

Gov. Mike Huckabee: “I’m very Seriously Considering” a 2016 Run for President; “A Very Different Place for Me” than in 2012 – Video

Cleveland Clinic CEO: 75% of ObamaCare Signups are Paying Higher Premiums – Video 3/30/14

Obama Operative David Plouffe: Hey, Well over “10 Million” have HealthCare because of ObamaCare – Video

Montage of Obama and His People Hawking ObamaCare to the Public – Video 3/30/14

Dem Strategist Donna Brazile: Democrats in Red States will have a Hard Time Running Away from ObamaCare – Video 3/30/14


“Open Line Sunday Comments” – 3/30/14

Sen. Ted Cruz: The way We Win is to Get back to Reagan’s “Morning in America” – Video 3/29/14

5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Los Angeles Area – Videos 3/29/14


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 3/29/14

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