Report: Russian Troops Massing Near Border with Eastern Ukraine – 3/4/14


It appears Vladimir Putin may not be satisfied with only seizing the Crimea Region of Ukraine. Reports this morning are that Russian Troops are massing near the border areas with Eastern Ukraine:


Russian military forces continued massing within six miles of Ukraine’s eastern border regions as tensions increased over Moscow’s so far bloodless attempt to take control of the country by force under the pretext of protecting ethnic Russians.

In Kiev, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Yevhen Perebiynis said the massing of Russian forces near Ukraine’s eastern border appeared to be preparation for a military invasion, Ukraine’s Unian news agency reported.

Border troops reported Russian forces massing near borders in the Kharkiv, Luhansk, and Donetsk regions.

“Those actions taken by representatives of the Russian state authorities may be evidence that Russia is preparing for a possible invasion on Ukrainian territory through its land border with Ukraine,” Perebiynis said.

Few details were available on troop movements but reports from the region indicated that nine convoys of armored vehicles were observed near the Russian border of Kharkiv, and five armored troop carriers were spotted less than two miles from the border in Donetsk. Military forces also were reported near the Luhansk administrative region. . . . Read More

  • Bradg70

    So what is Putin’s basis for preparing to take over Ukraine?

  • Bradg70

    Is this the flexibility Obama promised? Is Obama in on this deal?

  • Too many Ronan Farrow types dictating US foreign policy – and Putin knows this.

  • Brian_FL

    Putin has sized up Obama, and he knows he’s dealing with a weakling. He’s acting accordingly. He is doing what he thinks he can get away with. We never really knew what Obama was talking about when he promised more “flexibility after the election.”

  • Brian_FL

    That’s a great analogy. Explains everything!!!

  • ihatediscus2

    one thing is clear here
    I have to go out and get some popcorn……………….

  • Brian_FL

    It is going to be fascinating to see how all this plays out. I’m afraid it won’t only be Russia who takes advantage of Obama’s weakness during the next three years. China, North Korea and Iran are also likely to do the same.

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