More than 100 People Presumed to be Illegal Aliens Found Living in “Squalid” Conditions in Houston “Stash House” – Video 3/19/14

More than 100 people – 94 men and 15 women – were found in a Houston, Texas “Stash House” yesterday, most of them presumed to be illegal aliens. Authorities happened onto the house while searching for a woman and child who had been reported missing. They found the two inside the house – along with all the other people, who were living in “squalid” conditions. They were sharing only one bathroom and had no hot water.


The phone call to police was a plea to help save a family held by smugglers. But when authorities raided the south Harris County home which they believed held the woman and children Wednesday, they found 110 people imprisoned in a packed, rancid “stash house” where smugglers had locked them away pending payment for their freedom.

A tipster had told authorities the night before that he was being extorted by smugglers, and feared for the safety of relatives from Central America. The tipster had said that a coyote drop of the mother, her 7-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son was supposed to have taken place Tuesday on Houston’s north side, but it didn’t happen and they were missing.

Police have not explained what led them to the Almeda School Road house, where they set up surveillance Wednesday morning. At 10 a.m., they stopped two men in a vehicle leaving the house. Three more suspected smugglers were arrested after they tried to flee, Houston Police Department spokesman John Cannon said.

But their biggest discovery came when authorities opened another door to the house, and encountered a “sea of people coming at the officers as they entered,” Cannon said. . . . Read More

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