Two-Faced Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill Calls National Debt that has Exploded under Democrats, “Irresponsible” – Video 3/19/14

Oh my!

Here is Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill at a Town Hall Meeting where she said America’s $17 Trillion Debt is “irresponsible,” and it will make the nation “not a first-tier nation.”

But at the same time, she has enabled Barack Obama’s massive spending that has ballooned the national debt from $10 Trillion to $17 Trillion in 5 years!!!! She supported the Stimulus, ObamaCare, and his entire agenda!

Talking out of both sides of her mouth repeatedly, McCaskill also said the Federal Government is “doing things it was never intended to do,” but supports the massive Welfare State Democrats have created, and the unspeakable ObamaCare monstrosity that effectively nationalizes a huge part of the nation’s economy.

This shows McCaskill knows the true philosophy of the Democratic Party is unpopular in Missouri. So, she tries to sound reasonable to her constituents in Town Hall Meetings, while supporting the massive expansion of debt and Government intrusion into the lives of Americans while she is in Washington.

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