O’Reilly: “Well, Now We Know – No Question Obama White House Misrepresented” Benghazi Terror Attack; “National Press Protecting President Barack Obama” – Video 4/30/14

ABC News Report: Obama White House “Feeling the Heat” over Newly Released Benghazi Email – Video 4/30/14

ABC News’ Jon Karl Nails Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney to the Wall over “Smoking Gun” Benghazi Email – Video 4/30/14

Krauthammer: “Truly Scandalous” that Hillary Consoled Grieving Benghazi Families by Blaming Attack on a “Video” – Video 4/29/14

Carville: New Poll “Not Good” for Democrats; “I’ll be the First to Concede We’re in Somewhat of a Difficult Position” – Video 4/29/14

Dana Perino: Americans Hate the Constant “Tone of Condescension” Coming from the Obama White House – Video 4/29/14


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 4/30/14

Krauthammer: New Benghazi “Smoking Document” Shows Obama White House Engaged in a “Classic Cover-up of a Cover-up” – Video 4/29/14

Liberal Joe Klein: The Only Place You can Get a Straight Newscast at 6 PM Now is Fox News; Jeff Greenfield Agrees! – Video 4/28/14

Thin-Skinned Obama Bristles at Ed Henry Question about Perceived “Weakness” of Obama’s Foreign Policy – Video 4/29/14

AZ Democrat Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is Proud of ObamaCare: “I have Consistently Voted in Favor of It” – Video 4/28/14

Great New NRA Ad: “It’s Time to Believe in the Good Guys Again” – Video 4/28/14

“Morning Joe” – New Poll Indicates Barack Obama may be “Politically Toxic” for Democrats in 2014 Midterms – Video 4/29/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 4/29/14

Krauthammer: John Kerry’s Comparing Israel to “Apartheid” is a “Resigning-Type Statement” – Video 4/28/14

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz calls on John Kerry to Resign as Secretary of State for Comparing Israel to “Apartheid” – Video 4/28/14

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