“Morning Joe” Crew Baffled in Answering Why Hillary Clinton is Qualified to be President – Video 4/9/14


Here’s the “Morning Joe” crew totally baffled as to what qualifies Hillary Clinton to be President! They spend more than two minutes trying to figure out what she can say is her big achievement as Secretary of State. They really never come up with anything!

Joe Scarborough sings the praises of “Air Claire” McCaskill as being far more qualified than Hillary!

  • Bradg70

    Lol. It’s very easy to come up with her 2 “biggest” achievements. It’s just that they are not too positive you could say.

    1) Benghazi
    2) Russia reset button

  • Brian_FL

    You got it, Brad! Not exactly a Presidential resume!

  • dagot

    The Morning Joe panel always calls Sen. McCaskill their “favorite” senator. The fawning Mika simply melts at the very mention of the name. The show is total homage to the Democratic Party, despite Joe’s feeble attempts to sound conservative. Despite all of that, I love watching the show.

  • Brian_FL

    I watch it quite often myself. It’s a good barometer of what the liberals are going to be pushing for the day!

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