President Obama Announces the Exchange of Five Terrorists Held at GITMO for the Release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl – Video 5/31/14

Father of U.S. Veteran Caught in V.A. Hospital Maze Reads Part of Suicide Note Left by His Son; CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin Breaks Down – Video 5/30/14

Report: Christian Woman Meriam Ibrahim Sentenced to Death for Her Faith in Sudan to be “Freed in the Next Few Days” – 5/31/14 UPDATE: Release May be Only Temporary?

BREAKING: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Released by Taliban in Exchange for Trading Five GITMO Terrorists – Video Report 5/31/14

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney: Barack Obama is the “Weakest President” of my Lifetime – Video 5/30/14

“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 5/31/14

Obama Announces Resignation of Gen. Shinseki as Secretary of Veterans Affairs; Acts Like He had No Idea about Veteran Wait Times – Video 5/30/14

Jay Carney Resigns as Obama Press Secretary; Josh Earnest Named as Replacement – Video 5/30/14

West Point Reception for Obama vs. George W. Bush: Quite a Contrast – Video

Rush Limbaugh Explains the “Obama Doctrine”: “America Needs to be Cut Down to Size” – Audio 5/29/14


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 5/30/14

Michael Bloomberg Scolds Liberals and “Ivy League Schools” for Modern “McCarthyism” – the Drive to Silence Conservatives – Video 5/29/14

NBC News’ Richard Engel can’t Name One Country where Relations Improved with the U.S. under Barack Obama; Says Obama has Created a “Vortex of Instability” – Video 5/29/14

Florida Dem Rep. Corrine Brown: No V.A. Problems in Florida – “I Did My Reconnaissance in Florida. . . “

New Crossroads GPS Ad Hammers Democrat Sen. Mark Begich on Response to V.A. Scandal: “If There’s a Problem. . . ” – Video 5/29/14

Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu Says She Will Support Harry Reid to Remain as U.S. Senate Majority Leader – Video 5/28/14

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