Gen. Robert Lovell Testifies, “We Should have Tried” to Save the Americans under Attack in Benghazi; No Order came to “Move to the Sound of the Guns” – Video 5/1/14

Powerful testimony today on Capitol Hill be retired U.S. Gen. Robert Lovell, who tells Congresss, “We should have tried” to save the Americans under “hostile attack” at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. Lovell said at the time, no one knew how long the attack would last, and no order came to use American Forces to “move to the sound of the guns.” Instead, we did nothing.

Lovell made it clear that there was no thought that what was happening in Benghazi was the result of a demonstration, as the Obama White House claimed. They knew it was a “hostile action,” and that it was likely a “terrorist attack.”

  • Kenrjr2

    I have a few questions:
    1) Did President Obama ordered the ‘Stand Down’ to our military rescue team? Yes or No?
    2) Where did the false narrative of an anti-Muslim video come from?
    3) Where was President Obama throughout this crisis?
    4) What support did Hillary provide?
    5) Where was Hillary throughout this crisis?
    6) Why did President Obama and Hillary continue the lie about the anti-Muslim video to the families days after the terrorist attack?
    7) Why did President Obama and Hillary continue to lie [even to this day] to the American people?
    8) Do you think both President Obama and Hillary should be held accountable for the death or our Ambassador and three brave patriotic Americans?
    9) Do you think Impeachment, $10 Million in fines to be given to each family and thirty years is jail is adequate?

  • Brian_FL

    Outstanding questions, Kenrjr2! Let’s hope many of them are addressed by the Special Select Committee.

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