Nancy Pelosi: GOP Should Just Drop Benghazi because People are Tired of It; Should Pass Amnesty and Gun Control Instead – Video 5/9/14

Here is video of Nancy Pelosi saying Republicans should drop Benghazi because people are tired of it. Instead, they ought to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens, Gun Control, and all the other Leftists pet issues.

I don’t think everyone is “tired” of Benghazi, and those four Americans who gave their lives there deserve a full accounting of what happened and why.

  • dagot

    Most Americans are tired of President Obama, as well. Does that mean he should be removed from office? The majority of recently-polled Americans believe the investigation should go forward. As time goes by, Americans distrust this President and his administration more and more. This hyper-politicized administration has consistently placed its agenda above truth, and Americans are tired. Very tired.

  • Brian_FL

    Perfectly said, dagot. You really sense a complete exhaustion with Barack Obama and the Democrats. Americans are just biding their time until they get to vote once again . . . . .

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