Deranged 22 Year-Old Man Goes on Killing Spree Near UC-Santa Barbara Campus; Six Dead from Stabbing and Shooting; Killer Leaves Chilling Video Behind – Videos 5/24/14

A deranged 22 year-old man identified as Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree last night in the Santa Barbara, California area killing six people and himself. The killing spree began in his own home, where he reportedly stabbed to death three men who roomed with him in the house. He then went to nine other locations, shooting at people randomly, killing six and wounding 13 other people with both his car and with firearms.

Rodger left behind both video and a written manifesto describing his hatred for all people, particularly women, apparently talking incessantly about having been rejected frequently.

Police indicate they had contact with Elliot Rodger on three occasions, but had no indication anything like this was being planned.

Beyond tragic.

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