ISIS Seeks to Wipe Out Christians of Iraq: “Christianity as We Know it is Over in Mosul, Iraq” – Video 7/31/14

Shock Audio: Bill Clinton the Day Before 9/11 Attacks said, “I Could have Killed (Osama Bin Laden) Him. . .And So I Didn’t Do It” – Audio 9/10/2001

Sen. Ted Cruz: Only Solution to Border Crisis is to “Eliminate the Promise of Amnesty” Obama has Conveyed – Video 7/30/14

CNN’s Jake Tapper Tries to Interview Palestinian Spokesman Who Launches into Repeated Anti-Israel Harangues – Video 7/30/14

CNN’s Jake Tapper Accuses Israel of “Killing Palestinian Children” with No Mention of Hamas Rockets, or Hamas using Children as Human Shields – Video 7/29/14

West Virginia Democrat Natalie Tennant Runs Away from Barack Obama – Video 7/29/14


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 7/31/14

Barack Obama in Rare Form during Eloquent Kansas City Speech! – Highlight Video 7/30/14

U.S. House of Representatives Votes to Sue President Obama for Abuse of His Executive Power – Video 7/30/14


Sen. Ted Cruz Meeting with House Republicans to Try and Stop Border Bill with No Language Heading Off Obama Amnesty Move – 7/30/14

Liberal Ed Schultz Warns Obama using Executive Order to Legalize Millions of Illegals would be “An Electoral Death Knell for Democrats” – Video 7/29/14

Mika Brzezinski Gaffe: “Keep it Right Here on ‘Morning Jew – Joe” – Video 7/30/14

Rush Limbaugh: Obama “Miscalculated” in Playing the “Children Card” on Immigration – Audio 7/30/14

Krauthammer: It would be Impeachable Offense if Obama Legalizes Millions of Illegals using Executive Order; But would be “Political Suicide” for GOP to Impeach – Video 7/29/14

Newt Gingrich

Gingrich: Obama May Legalize Millions of Illegals to Incite Impeachment ahead of 2014 Midterms – Video Report 7/29/14


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 7/30/14

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