Sen. Ted Cruz Demands Answers on FAA 2-Day Ban on U.S. Air Travel to Israel; Believes Obama, Kerry Trying to Pressure Israel – Video 7/24/14

The liberal media despises Ted Cruz! It’s hilarious to watch him get under their skin!

Here he is tonight being interviewed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on his demand for answers as to why the FAA banned U.S. Air Traffic into Israel for two days. The ban was lifted today.

Cruz believes Barack Obama and John Kerry were behind the ban, timing it to coincide with John Kerry’s visit to Israel to try and broker a cease-fire. Cruz believes they were using the ban to pressure Israel into ending their Ground Offensive into Gaza to root out Hamas Terrorist tunnels.

Cruz is right on the mark here, pointing out that the FAA has not even banned U.S. Air Traffic to Ukraine – where a passenger airliner was actually shot down one week ago.

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