Obama Admin: Why would we think Radical Islam wants to Rule the World? – Video 9/30/14

BREAKING: Deadly Ebola Virus Hits the United States; First Case Diagnosed in Dallas; Man Visiting Family from Liberia Hospitalized with Ebola – Video 9/30/14

Israeli PM Netanyahu: ISIS and Iran’s Islamic States are “Branches of the same Poisonous Tree” – Video 9/29/14

Iraqi State TV Launches Comedy Show Depicting ISIS as the Child of the Devil and Israel that “Hatched from an Egg”

CBS News: There’s a “Public Paper Trail” of the Intelligence Community Warning Obama about ISIS – Video 9/30/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 9/30/14


Demonic: ISIS Islamic Scholar Instructs Followers on How to Properly Behead Someone – Video

Report: Sen. Ted Cruz Adviser Says it is “90/10” Cruz wull Run for President in 2016 – Video 9/29/14

Chris Wallace Asks Obama Adviser How Obama could have been “So Wrong” about Destroying Al-Qaeda – Video 9/28/14

Obama Says We are All So Much Better Off thanks to His Presidency – We Just Don’t Know It!! – Video 9/28/14

Joe Scarborough Destroys the Idea that the Oklahoma Beheading was Simply “Workplace Violence” and had Nothing to do with Islam – Video 9/29/14


Another Muslim Man in OK Threatens Co-Worker with Beheading; Said Muslims Beheading Christians “is Just what We Do” – 9/28/14


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 9/29/14

Mother, Sister of Oklahoma Muslim Beheading Suspect Make Emotional Statement: “That’s Not my Son/Brother” – Video 9/28/14

President Barack Obama

Obama Admits the Intelligence Community Underestimated ISIS! – Video 9/28/14


Report: Ferguson Police Officer Shot as He Stopped Attempted Robbery; Manhunt Underway for Assailant – Video Report 9/27/14

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