Watch Leftist Robert Kennedy Jr. Get Confronted about His Own “Carbon Footprint” – Video 9/21/14

Great job by PJ Media’s Michelle Fields! She was at the Leftist wackos’ “People’s Climate March” in New York City this weekend, where she dared to confront Robert Kennedy Jr. about his own “carbon footprint!” He proceeds to lecture her that it is an “inane” question to ask a Leftist Global Warming Climate Change kook if they are living consistent with their own goofball ideology (I’m paraphrasing!).

Also, notice Kennedy’s absolute obsession with the “Koch Brothers.” What is it with the Left in their constant demonization of two Americans who are exercising their own free speech rights? It’s completely sick. How ironic is it for a Kennedy to be railing against the wealthy Koch Brothers for being involved in politics!!!!?

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