Report: Six Arrested by Police after Shots Fired at Looted out Beauty Supply Store in Ferguson, Missouri – Video Report 12/31/14

Sydney, Australia Rings in the New Year with Massive Fireworks Show – Video 12/31/14

Michael Brown Protesters Try to Force their Way into St. Louis Police Headquarters; Post List of Demands – Video Report 12/31/14


Gruber Strikes Again: Said ObamaCare would Not be “Affordable”; Would have to Tell Patients “That Surgery doesn’t do any Good. . . “


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – New Year’s Eve – 12/31/14

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Slams Obama’s Disastrous Foreign Policy from Russia to Cuba to Iran – Video 12/30/14

North Carolina Police Officer’s Apartment Shot at in Durham; No One Injured – Video Report 12/30/14


CDC Declares Growing Flu Outbreak across the U.S. Reaching Epidemic Proportions – 12/30/14

Wreckage, Bodies from AirAsia Flight 8501 Found in the Java Sea – Video 12/30/14


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 12/30/14

Rudy Giuliani Hammers Obama for His Radical Association with Al Sharpton – Video 12/29/14

Krauthammer: There’s a “War on Police” Rather than a War on Young Black Men – Video 12/29/14

De Blasio Debacle: Booed at NYPD Graduation Ceremony; Catcall says, “You” Created problems Officers must Face they “didn’t Create” – Video 12/29/14

Dem Strategist Donna Brazile: Hillary Clinton is “Not Inevitable” as Democrat Nominee in 2016 – Video 12/28/14

NYC Police Commissioner: Officers Feel “Under Attack from Federal Government at Highest Levels” – Video 12/28/14


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 12/29/14

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