Report: ISIS Islamic Butchers Release Video Showing Beheading of Japanese Hostage Kenji Goto – Video Report 1/31/15

Gov. Scott Walker: Romney is Right that the GOP needs to Nominate a New Generation of Leadership – Video 1/30/15

Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel Admits Obama White House Pressured Him on Terrorist Prisoner Releases – Video 1/30/15

VP Joe Biden on “Past Six Years” of the Obama Presidency: “To State the Obvious, the Past Six Years have been Really, Really Hard for this Country” – Video 1/30/15

Shocker: Liberal Donny Deutsch on MSNBC says, “Like it or Not, Jeb Bush is our Next President” – Video 1/30/15


“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 1/31/15

Obama State Dept won’t Call Taliban Killing of Three Americans in Kabul a “Terrorist Attack” – Video 1/30/15

Gov. Mitt Romney Announces He Will NOT Run for President in 2016 – Audio 1/30/15

Gov. Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney to Update on 2016 Plans in 11 AM ET Conference Call; Some Reports Say Romney is Running – 1/30/15 UPDATED – Romney NOT Running for President

U.S. Senate Votes 62-36 to Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline; Eight Democrats Vote “Yes”; Obama Set to Veto Job-Creating Pipeline – Video 1/29/15


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 1/30/15

Obama White House Doubles-down: The Taliban use Terrorist Tactics, but they are Not Terrorists – Video 1/29/15

Sen. John McCain Tells Code Pink Protesters, “Get out of here you Low-Life Scum” after they Dangled Handcuffs at Henry Kissinger – Video 1/29/15

Sen. John McCain: Obama Pursuing “Delusion” while “Iran is on the March across the Middle East” – Video 1/28/15

Ron Fournier on Obama WH saying The Taliban is Not a Terrorist Group: “It Just Defies Common Sense to have a WH just Orwellian making Stuff Up. . . ” – Video 1/28/15

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama

Report: Iran Urges Assassination of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s Children – 1/29/15

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