Gov. Scott Walker: “I Won’t Take the Bait” from Liberal Media and Let them Determine what I Talk About – Video 2/28/14


Sen. Rand Paul Wins CPAC 2015 Presidential Straw Poll; Gov. Scott Walker Finishes a Strong Second – 2/28/15

Shocker: Obama State Dept. won’t Say American Blogger was Hacked to Death in Bangladesh because of Radical Islam – Video 2/27/15

Mark Levin Speech at CPAC 2015 – Video 2/28/15

“Open Line Saturday Comments” – 2/28/15

James O’Keefe Pays Al Sharpton a Visit! – Video 2/27/15

Gov. Jeb Bush Takes Questions Head-on from Sean Hannity at CPAC 2015 – Video 2/27/15

Some CPAC Attendees Stage Walkout on Jeb Bush – Video 2/27/15

Sen. Rand Paul Speech at CPAC 2015; Receives Raucous Welcome – Video 2/27/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Speech at CPAC 2015: Obama “Treats the Ayatollah in Iran with more Respect than the PM of Israel” – Video 2/27/15


“Open Line Friday Comments” – 2/27/15

Carly Fiorina Speech at CPAC 2015; Hammers Hillary; Defends Israel and Netanyahu – Video 2/26/15

Gov. Scott Walker Speech at CPAC 2015: We Need to Go After ISIS Before they can Hit us at Home – Video 2/26/15

Sen. Ted Cruz Jabs Hillary at CPAC 2015 Speech; Urges Reassembling the “Reagan Coalition” – Video 2/26/15

Obama Dares GOP to Vote on Whether He has Exceeded His Authority: “I will Veto that Vote” – Video 2/25/15

Chris Christie Dominates CPAC 2015 Q & A Format: “Don’t Count Me Out” – Video 2/26/15

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