Obama Criticizes Media and American People for being “Overly Alarmed” at Islamic Jihadist Threat; Sees “Climate Change” as a Greater Danger – Video 2/8/15

Here is Barack Obama criticizing the media and the American people for being “overly alarmed” at Radical Islamic (he didn’t say those words) “zealots” instead of the larger threat of “Climate Change.” Obama responded with, “Absolutely,” when asked if we are “overly alarmed” at the terrorist threat as opposed to “Climate Change.”

There you have it. Barack Obama actually believes it is not ISIS or Iran or Al-Qaeda that poses the greatest threat to our nation – it is “Climate Change.” We are being led by a cabal of far-Left environmentalist wackos. The threat of Islamic Jihad is far greater than anything else we face today. But Barack Obama sees it only as a crime problem that a mayor might have to deal with.

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