Sen. Marco Rubio: “I’m Realistic on Immigration” – Video 3/30/15

Sen. Marco Rubio Confirms He Will Announce whether He Will Run For President in 2016 on April 13 – Video 3/30/15

Harry Reid Justifies 2012 Lies Against Mitt Romney with, “He didn’t Win, did He?” – Video 3/30/15

Krauthammer: Obama, Kerry Offer “Farcical Excuses” to Explain “One Cave after Another” to Iran on Nuclear Deal – Video 3/30/15


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 3/31/15

Report: Three Big-time Democrat Donors Privately Say, “Obama is the Worst President of our Lifetime” – Audio 3/29/15

James O’Keefe Releases New Undercover Video Showing University Officials in Florida Approving Pro-ISIS Club; Just Change the Name – Video 3/30/15

Obama Slips Jogging Down Steps from Air Force One after Florida Golf Outing; Catches Himself by Railings – Raw Video 3/29/15

Ted Cruz Ad Tells Conservatives: “I Hope I can Earn Your Support” – Video 3/27/15

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff Warns of a Middle East Ground War if Iranian-backed Houthis Strike Saudi Arabia with Scud Missiles – Video 3/29/15


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 3/30/15

Joe Scarborough on Meet the Press: Hillary Clinton Wiped Her Server while Her Emails were under Subpoena – Video 3/29/15

Chuck Todd does Not believe “Religious Freedom” is a Genuine Concept any Longer; It’s Just “Code” – Video 3/29/15

Kathleen Parker on Ted Cruz: “He’s Obviously Not going to Win the Presidency, Okay, That’s Not Going to Happen, We Know That” – Video 3/29/15

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran is Moving “to Take Over and Conquer the Entire Middle East”; “Needs to be Stopped” – Video 3/29/15


“Open Line Sunday Comments” – 3/29/15

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