ABC News’ Jon Karl Presses Josh Earnest on whether Obama is Okay with Hillary Clinton Violating Her Pledge to Disclose Foreign Donors – Video 4/30/15

Long-winded Obama gets Cut Off by Kid Interviewing Him: “Yeah, I think You’ve Sort of Covered Everything. . .” – Video 4/30/15

Leftists Stage Mindless “Protest” in New York City in Support of Mindless Baltimore Protests – Raw Video 4/29/15

Sen. Ted. Cruz Slams Obama for “Inflaming Racial Tensions”; Says “Vilification of Law Enforcement is Fundamentally Wrong” – Video 4/29/15

Chuck Todd Admits Democrats are Privately saying they are “Getting a Little Nervous” about Hillary Clinton – Video 4/29/15


“Open Line Thursday Comments” – 4/30/15

Washington Post: Prisoner in Van with Freddie Gray says Gray was “Banging against the Walls” and “Intentionally Trying to Injure Himself” – Video Report 4/29/15

Iran Seizes Marshall-Islands’ Cargo Ship with Crew of about 30; U.S. Moving a Destroyer into the Area – Video Report 4/29/15

NBC News’ Chuck Todd: “Boggles the Mind” that the Clinton Foundation is Still taking Foreign Donations – Video 4/29/15

Fox News’ Leland Vittert Screamed at by Hostile Baltimore “Protesters”: “I’m Not Angry at all. I’m Angry. . . . ” – Video 4/28/15

Geraldo Rivera gets into Shouting Match with Protester who Blocked His Camera in Baltimore – Video 4/28/15


“Open Line Wednesday Comments” – 4/29/15

Obama Again Attacks Police in Wake of Baltimore Riots – Video 4/28/15

Fox News Duel: Greg Gutfeld Calls Out Shepard Smith for Leftist Talking Points – “Almost as though You are Justifying” Lawlessness in Baltimore – Video 4/27/15


The Reported Arrest Record of the Man being used as Justification for the Baltimore Riots – Photos

Baltimore Rioters Try to Justify the Criminal Behavior Engulfing their City – Video 4/27/15

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