Gov. Chris Christie Announces His Candidacy for President of the United States – Complete Video 6/30/15


Radical Leftists Plan “Burn the American Flag” Event in NYC: “We do Not Believe the Ideals of America are Anything to be Revered. . .” – 6/30/15

Leftist Lawrence O’Donnell Slams Hillary on Private Email Server: “An Absolutely Unacceptable Choice from the Start” – Video 6/30/15

Trump Slams NBC for “Standing Behind Lying Brian Williams” while Dumping Him for Truth-Telling – 6/29/15


“Open Line Tuesday Comments” – 6/30/15

Rick Perry Releases Unusual Animated Presidential Campaign Ad – Video 6/29/15

SuperPAC Running New Ad for Bobby Jindal in Iowa: “We’re All Americans” – 6/29/15

Gov. Chris Christie Releases Ad Ahead of Presidential Announcement Tomorrow: “Telling it Like it Is” – Video 6/29/15

Former Deputy CIA Director: “I wouldn’t be Surprised” if there is a Terror Attack in the U.S. over the July 4 Weekend – Video 6/29/15

Ron Fournier: Obama White House must be “Complicit” in Hillary Clinton Email “Rule-Breaking” and “Lack of Transparency” – Video 6/29/15


Ohio Gov. John Kasich to Announce Presidential Run on July 21 at The Ohio State Univ. – 6/28/15


“Open Line Monday Comments” – 6/29/15

Trump in Interview with Jake Tapper on Iraqi Govt not Wanting Him to Bomb the Oil Fields: “Who Cares?” – Video 6/28/15

Huckabee: Obama’s “Rainbow Color” White House Stunt means it Will be Fine for me to Setup a Nativity Scene on the White House Lawn if I become President! – Video 6/28/15

CNN’s Gloria Borger: People Just can’t Accept Hillary as Someone who Understands their Problems – Video 6/28/15

Officials Warn of Possible Terror Attacks in U.S. around July 4 Holiday in Wake of Attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France – Videos 6/27/15

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