New Donald Trump Ad Mocks Self-Absorbed Obama in the Face of Islamic Terror – Video 11/30/15

Insufferable Obama Drones on 11 Minutes past His Time in Paris Speech as Buzzer Repeatedly Sounds – Video 11/30/15

Flashback: Ezra Levant takes Apart Barack Obama’s Idiocy in Blaming Islamic Terrorism on Climate Change – Video May 2015

Obama Says Paris “Climate Change” Confab is an “Act of Defiance” against ISIS – Video 11/30/15

Obama at Paris Global Warming Climate Change Confab blames U.S. for “Creating this Problem” – Video 11/30/15


Open Comments & Polling Updates – Monday, November 30, 2015

Dem Donna Brazile: Ted Cruz building a Lot of Strength in the Deep South; “Clearly onto Something” – Video 11/29/15

Bill Kristol on “This Week”: “I’ve Really Come to Loathe Donald Trump” – Video 11/29/15

Trump won’t Give an Inch as Exasperated Chuck Todd Grills him on whether He saw NJ Muslims Celebrating 9/11 Attacks – Video 11/29/15

Jeb Bush Scolds Media: Trump is “Playing You Guys Like a Fiddle” – Video 11/29/15


Open Comments & Polling Updates – Sunday, November 29, 2015

GOP Rep. Jim Bridenstine Endorses Ted Cruz for President; Hammers “Despicable” Anti-Cruz Ad by Rubio Supporter – Video 11/28/15

Chicago Police Superintendent Declares War on Two Chicago Gangs: “They’re Going to be Obliterated” – Video 11/27/15


Open Comments & Polling Updates – Saturday, November 28, 2015

Compilation Video: “ObamaCare Premiums will Increase”; Obama Promised $2500 a Year Reduction – Videos

Michigan Shoppers Fight over a Stack of “Veggie Steamers” – Video 11/26/15

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