Ben Carson Campaign Struggling as Campaign Manager, Communications Director Quit over Internal Power Struggle – Video 12/31/15

Radical Louis Farrakhan Attacks Donald Trump: Trump will Lead America “to the Abyss of Hell” – Video 12/31/15

Donald Trump Continues Hammering Bill and Hillary Clinton – Video 12/31/15

Ben Ferguson on Ted Cruz: “They American People – They Like Him!” – Video 12/30/15

John Kasich Releases Bizarre Attack Ad against Jeb Bush – Video 12/30/15

Report: Jeb Bush Cancels Ad Buys in Iowa, South Carolina to Beef up “Ground Game” – Video 12/30/15


Open Comments – Thursday, December 31, 2015

Donald Trump Holds Large Rally in Hilton Head, SC – Video 12/30/15


Open Comments – December 30, 2015

Krauthammer: Trump has GOP Voters in Mind as He Hammers Hillary Clinton’s “War on Women” – Video 12/28/15

Candidates Showing “Campaign Strain” Five Weeks from the Iowa Caucuses – Video 12/28/15

Huckabee making Iowa Push; Goes after Ted Cruz as “Inconsistent” on Gay Marriage – Video 12/28/15

Roger Stone: Trump is Going After Hillary Clinton for “Her Abuse of Women” who Accused Bill Clinton – Video 12/28/15


Open Comments – Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trump Holds Huge Rally in Nashua, NH; Says He will be Hillary Clinton’s “Worst Nightmare” – Complete Video 12/28/15

Iraqi Army Defeats ISIS at Ramadi; Retakes Key City – Videos 12/28/15

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