Rape Survivor Tries to Ask Hillary Clinton Questions at Town Hall; Dismissed as “Very Rude”; Questions Why She won’t Listen to Bill’s Accusers – Video 1/3/16

NOTE: The woman describes herself as a “rape survivor.” I initially used the term “rape victim” in the headline and article, but have changed it to the exact description she used for herself.

Wow. Very powerful.

A woman who is a rape survivor herself heckled Hillary Clinton during a Town Hall Meeting in New Hampshire on Sunday.

Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien, a GOP state representative from Rockingham, stood up feet from Clinton and began shouting. Clinton ignored her, calling on others two different times, and then dismissed her, calling her “very rude.”

Afterward, O’Brien explained to the media she is a rape survivor herself and wanted to ask Clinton why she didn’t even want to listen to and assess what her husband’s accusers have to say about him over the years.

This is going to be a BIG problem for Hillary Clinton going forward. She casts herself as the champion of women. Her track record of dismissing the pain of women who are victims of her husband says otherwise.

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