Donald Trump Extensive Interview with Wolf Blitzer; Hammers Ted Cruz as having “a Lot of Problems” – Video 1/25/16

Here is Donald Trump in an extensive interview today with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. Trump says he feels good about the upcoming Iowa Caucuses, but he’s not ready to say it is just a two-man race between him and Ted Cruz. Trump continued to slam Ted Cruz, saying Cruz “has a lot of problems.” He said Cruz needs to solve the problem of questions about his eligibility to run for President because he was born in Canada. Trump continues to say if Cruz is nominated, Democrats will go to court to have him declared ineligible.

Trump said he will likely take part in the upcoming Fox News Debate, but says it is not 100% because Megyn Kelly will be a co-moderator. Trump reminded that Kelly has been totally biased against him during this campaign (which is absolutely true).

I’m sure Trump will go to the debate. But wouldn’t it be fascinating to see if he held a rival Town Hall Meeting on another network if he would get higher ratings than Fox’s debate?

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