Donald Trump Responds to Radical “Black Lives Matter” Protesters: “All Lives Matter!” – Video 2/29/16

Donald Trump Gets Big Endorsements from Multiple NASCAR Luminaries – Video 2/29/16

Black Trump Supporter Shocks MSNBC Host Trying to Race-bait against Donald Trump! – Video 2/29/16


Open Comments / Presidential Polls – Monday, February 29, 2016

ICE Officer Chris Crane Speaks at Massive Trump Rally: “The Welfare of America Not a Concern for Marco Rubio” in Amnesty Bill; “Actively Excluded Law Enforcement” from Input on Bill – Video 2/28/16

Stalwart Conservative GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions Endorses Donald Trump for President at Alabama Rally of 32,000 People – Video 2/28/16

Chris Wallace to Marco Rubio: Wasn’t Your Biggest Accomplishment “the Gang of Eight” Amnesty Bill? – Video 2/28/16

Donald Trump Disavowed David Duke Endorsement at a Press Conference on Friday, February 26 – Video 2/26/16


Open Comments / Presidential Polls – Sunday, February 28, 2016

Secret Service Agents Step in to Protect Bernie Sanders from a Woman who Moved toward the Stage – Video 2/25/16

Bill Clinton Confronted about “Hillary Lied over Four Coffins”; Bill Tells Marine, “Shut Up and Listen. . .” – Raw Video 2/26/16

Pastor Robert Jeffress: “If Donald Trump is Elected President, Evangelical Christians Will have a True Friend in the White House” – Video 2/26/16


Open Comments / Presidential Polls – Saturday, February 27, 2016

New Trump Video: “First Day in Office” – Video 2/26/16

Donald Trump Rally in Oklahoma City, OK; Christie Slams “Big Mouth,” “No Show” Rubio – Video 2/26/16

Flashback 12 Days Ago: Rubio Pledges to Support Trump if He is the Nominee; When did Marco decide Trump is a “Con Artist?” – Video 2/26/16

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