Quinnipiac Poll Gives Donald Trump Commanding 36-point Lead in New York GOP Primary

New PPP Poll Shows Cruz, Trump Nearly Deadlocked in Wisconsin

New Fox Business Wisconsin GOP Primary Poll has Ted Cruz Headed for Big Win: Cruz +10 over Trump

Donald Trump Describes His “Very Good Meeting” with Reince Priebus and the RNC – Video 3/31/16

Three Injured in Richmond, VA Shooting at Greyhound Station; State Trooper Seriously Injured; Shooter Dead – Video 3/31/16


Report: Donald Trump Meeting with RNC’s Reince Priebus Today – 3/31/16

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John Kasich Hammers Trump, Cruz in GMA Interview: “You Can’t Operate Like This”; Am I “Supposed to Get Out and Leave it to These Guys?” – Video 3/31/16


Open Comments – Thursday, March 31, 2016

Greta Van Susteren Hammers “Conservative Women Journalists” Calling for Firing of Trump Campaign Manager; Says “GrabGate” should not be a Criminal Matter – Video 3/30/16

Attempted Assassination of President Ronald Reagan took Place 35 Years Ago Today – Video 3/30/1981

Ted Cruz Pounces on Trump Abortion “Punishment” Blunder; Issues Statement Hammering Trump – 3/30/16

Trump Falls in the Ditch on “Punishment” for Women who have Abortions; Later Changes to “Punishment” for those Doing Illegal Abortions – Video 3/30/16

Another Outstanding New Ted Cruz Ad: “Opportunity” – Video 3/30/16

New Poll Gives Donald Trump Big Lead in April 19 New York GOP Primary

New Marquette Poll Indicates Ted Cruz is Headed for a Big Win in Wisconsin Next Tuesday

Report: Prosecutor who Filed Charges against Trump Campaign Manager is a Hillary Supporter – 3/30/16

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