Radical Protester Tries to Storm the Stage as Trump Speaks in Dayton, OH; Secret Service Surrounds Trump to Protect Him – Video 3/12/16 UPDATED with HD Video and Great Angle

UPDATE: Here’s incredible raw video from someone in the crowd showing the man who jumped a barricade and tried to get to Donald Trump today in Dayton. Great quality video and angle to show what happened:

Here’s video of Donald Trump in Dayton, Ohio this morning where his Secret Service detail sprung to action while he was speaking to protect him from a protester who apparently tried to storm the stage. You can see Trump reacts to commotion from behind. He turns as the Secret Service jumped up on stage and surrounded him briefly. Trump then went on with his speech, praising the Secret Service for their incredible work.

I guess Ted Cruz will blame Trump for the protester trying to storm the stage! Pathetic that Cruz has thrown in his lot with the Radical Leftists who are reacting to Trump’s willingness to speak the non-PC truth.

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