Trump Campaign Dir Paul Manafort Confronts Jake Tapper about Pro-Hillary, Anti-Trump Bias – Video 8/14/16

Good grief. Jake Tapper on CNN might as well be on the Clinton payroll. He shills for her every chance he gets. Here he is today going back and forth with Trump Campaign Director Paul Manafort. Tapper was called out for his over-the-top bias against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton, and he just defended his constant Trump-bashing. Tapper admitted they covered Trump’s 2nd Amendment remarks instead the news on Trump’s Economic Plan for most of the week. But he blamed Trump for it, even though Tapper and most of the media seized on an off-the-cuff remark and droned about it for three full days. When Manafort confronted Tapper with Hillary Clinton’s much more direct reference to Robert Kennedy’s Assassination in 1968 as a reason why she stayed in the 2008 race so long, Tapper was ready to “move-on” to other topics.

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