Lanny Davis Tries to Tell CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Hillary Clinton did Nothing Wrong with Her Emails; Wolf Challenges – Video 8/29/16

Wow. Longtime Clinton hack Lanny Davis went on CNN and is still arguing Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong with her emails! He tries to tell Wolf Blitzer that Hillary did not send or receive any classified information on her unprotected email server. Wolf challenged him on that, correcting him, but Davis called FBI Director Jim Comey’s evaluation that Clinton was “extremely careless” with America’s classified information – “his opinion.”

If Hillary is elected it will be 4-8 years of one scandal after another. It always is with the Clintons. It’s time for all decent Americans to rally behind Donald Trump to prevent Hillary Clinton from being President. You may not like some things about Trump, but his negatives are NOTHING compared to Hillary Clinton’s track record of deception, carelessness with classified information, leaving Americans unprotected and to die in Benghazi, lying to the Benghazi families in the very presence of the returning coffins, calling the Benghazi families liars for saying she lied to them, supporting abortion on demand – even partial birth abortion, planning to essentially abolish the 2nd Amendment, supporting the radical “Black Lives Matter” movement, and planning to appoint multiple liberal Supreme Court Justices who will dismantle the Constitution. This is only for starters.

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